A Beautiful Shaker Heart card using Shilpi Alcohol inks and Shilpi Adorn Transfer foils

Shaker Heart Card


Things you'll need

  • Yupo Papers
  • Alcohol Inks
  • Blending Medium
  • Adorn Foils
  • Carstock

Cut the cardstock using heart shaped template

Cut inner heart from the cardstock template

Cut Yupo paper using the cardstock template

Using alchol inks apply colour in diagonal way

Apply gold foil when alcohol ink is semi dry, when ink is dry the foil will stick on Yupo paper, if in certain area foil is not sticking apply blending solution and apply foil again.

Look of Yupo paper after completeing alcohol ink work

Cut inner heart from the Yupo paper using the cardstock template made previously

Cut two pieces of OHP sheet using small heart template. However make sure that OHP sheet is cut little bigger than small heart template.

Cut one cardstock using small heart and write some message

On back side of Yupo paper heart stick OHP sheet and stick foam tape as shown in picture

Add some heart shakers

Stick OHP sheet and then small message cardstock

Now stick Yupo paper heart on heart shaped cardstock

Stick some gold embossed hearts on card to embellish it